For Real Estate Brokers

What is a Decentralized Real Estate Broker?

META365 develops an open and decentralized real estate marketplace that makes it easy for anyone to become a real estate broker. The system allows you to sell any property project and gain benefit from it, even if you are not a member of any real estate exchange.

The benefits of Becoming a META365 Decentralized Real Estate Broker

  1. Make use of META365's real estate projects.
  2. Possess a sales record that includes interactive 360° images of properties and their surroundings.
  3. Keep track of all project details, such as land lots, apartments, and other legal documents.
  1. Personalize data for each broker.
  2. Gather project information quickly.
  3. Save time and money while speeding up the sales process.
  4. Reach customers beyond your community.
  5. Provide a superior customer experience.
  1. Take advantage of META365's customer database system.
  2. Contribute images and connections to the project marketing process via social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube,...
  3. Receive an endless number of tiered discounts and commissions.
  4. Easily reach out to clients in need using “Search & Advice” for purchases.